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Sharee’s Quest

  The Heart of Sharee was published in the Douglas Enterprise on Feburary 10, 2010. It was the 6 month aniversary of her death, and the day of her Papa’s Birthday, my Daddy, and Lancelot’s Papa. Sharee was my niece not by blood, but by heart. She loved, and fought her way through life. Teaching  Continue Reading »

Lancelot’s Quest – The 1st 2 years

Living in Kairos: God’s Time March 1994: After Lancelot’s first Heart catheterization,  Dr. Marvin told me that Lancelot’s vascular disease was so sever, that no one could help him. That was over 17 years ago! DEATH MAY BE A BREATH AWAY, BUT GOD HAS BLESSED US WITH THIS MOMENT TO LIVE! Lancelot was born September 4, 1992                            .  Continue Reading »

Renee aka Lancelot’s Mom

Renee’s Heart   (Lancelot and I had a blast at the 1993 Okeefenokee Agricultural Fair.  When My 13 month old baby boy was having a good day, his mama had a great day. I had accepted the fact that Lancelot had a bleeding disorder and high blood pressure.  His screaming still happened frequently, but not  Continue Reading »

The Quest Begins!

Every breath, of everyday is a gift from God! When my son Lancelot was 18 months old, I was told that he could die at any moment. Since then we have been on a Quest of Heart. No one could save him, but I could not give up. I was his mother and he was  Continue Reading »