You Can Help!

Pray, Pray, Pray!

Everyday children, teenagers, and adults are living with Heart and Vascular Disease.

If  you know someone, please tell them about Quest of Heart! Maybe our experiences could

help them, and I know we could learn from theirs!


The Holidays are approaching  so there are a lot of ways…

1. Send a Christmas card to our Military Heroes.

Holiday Mail for Heroes
P.O. Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456,


2. Hospital Survival Kits

This is a year round out reach program. We hope to be able to distribute at MCG (Sharee’s Dr.’s and Hospital) and UF/Wolfson/Baptist (Lancelot’s Dr.’s and Hospital) Lancelot wants to grow-up to be one of Santa’s Helpers.  If we get the Survival Kits/ Gift card / Toys, prepared, Lancelot may get his big chance!

a. Art Supplies/craft kits ( Sharee would call me to ask me to bring her some coloing books and crayons every time she was in the hospital.)

b. Books for children to young adults.

c. Movies

d. Personal care items: Lip balm, moisturizing lotions, manicure sets, and anything else you can think of!

e. We are working on Tote bags, Pamphlets,Pillows,  and a Picture book  (Needless to say any financial donations would be greatly appreciated!)

f. Any ideals of gifts are appreciated. (Lancelot is my only child, but other parents with more than one child. Having a child in the hospital at Christmas time causes extra financial burdens. I am sure they are torn between home, work, and the hospital. Wouldn’t it be nice to give them some gift cards for food, gas, hotels, or Christmas presents for their children.  If you would like, we would love to deliever these gifts for you to the above stated hospitals, but you could always go to a CICU waiting room, and wait and watch: you’ll find a family you want to help!)


3. Again Prayer is the greatest support!


4. 2012
should be the year that life long Heart Patients that have made it to
young adults should be invited to Heart Balls throughout the US. This
would be a living testament that all the hard work and dedication is
paying off. More importantly it maybe one of the few times these young
people get to put on the 9’s and have a good time. Anyone want to help
me work to make this happen? email me at

or  at Quest of Heart, P.O. Box 373, Douglas, Georgia 31534

5. Lancelot is already talking about his 2012 Quest. If God let’s us we will be heading to see more Peacock Breeders, Dairy Farms, Draft Horse Breeders. During our adventures, I hope to be able to visit major Cardiac hospitals to share our adventures and hope with others!

God Bless You!