Every breath, of everyday is a gift from God!

When my son Lancelot was 18 months old, I was told that he could die at any moment. Since then we have been on a Quest of Heart. No one could save him, but I could not give up. I was his mother and he was my Angel boy.


Together we got through the moments that turned into days, which turned into years. Each day has been a blessing. Granted, many of those days were mixed blessings, but each day was a gift to be cherished.


My son Lance in the woods


Today Lancelot is 18 (almost 19!)  He is on a Quest to see Dairy Farms, Trains, Draft Horses, Peacocks, and all of God’s Creatures all over this world! I told him the only thing I could… “If God lets us!”


Our goal here at Quest of Heart is to aid everyone else on their own quests. That is quite a big dream, but through God’s love we can all learn from each other’s weakness, and help each other with our strengths!  We are going to start off by providing resources and social outlets for children and teenagers in the United States and abroad with chronic medical problems.   Having to watch several close family members deal with being given a terminal diagnosis’ at birth has led to the realization that even with all the friends and family support you can provide they can still feel alone and different.  Our goal is to try to link these  children to others with similar situations and burdens.  At the same time we are also going to provide information and support to parents, as well as other family members.


We are also going to start visiting hospitals and cardiologist offices to deliver customized hospital and home-bound survivor kits to teenagers and young adults. Inside these kits will be a collection of things we have found to be helpful over my family’s many hospital stays.   It will include things like necessity items, activity books, and support information for all family members.


We know that if God lets us, we can make a difference in the lives of young people.