Just a few weeks ago Randy Anderson did not know that he and Lancelot were friends, but Lancelot has been  imagining Coyote hunting with him nightly for years while he watches Mr. Randy’s DVD’s.

Lancelot has friends all over the world. He has been reading and researching his passions for almost 21 years now (Lancelot’s DOB 09-04-1992). And all his life he has thought of everyone in this world as a friend he has just not meet yet… During his 2010 Quest of Heart (Thanks to the Great Southern Bike Rally!), I had the benefit of his knowledge leading us to World renown experts. Lancelot  always treats them like all his other friends.

Randy Anderson on his DVD, that Lancelot is watching.

So it should not have come to as a surprise to me when Lancelot and Randy Anderson became phone friends. 

Several years ago Lancelot started telling me( and anyone that ask him), that he wanted to go Coyote hunting with Randy Anderson. Recently he ask me to call him, and showed me his phone number on the back of a “Calling all Coyote” DVD. I explained, that was the number to order DVD’s, as I was dialing the number. When the man answered, I told him about Lancelot, and ask if I could speak to Mr. Anderson. He let me know, that Randy was not there, but much to my amazement he gave me Randy’s Home Number.

Just for future information, if Lancelot has your number, he believes in us using it again, again, and again until you answer the phone! 🙂
After about a week of our repeated calling, Lancelot got a call from Mr. Randy. Lancelot ask question after question and Mr. Randy answered. Lancelot showed me again, that if you have faith, God works out the details.

Lancelot talking with Randy Anderson!

Another dream come true for Lancelot, he to talk to his Coyote Hunting Hero. Mr. Randy was so kind to Lancelot on the phone, then he followed up with DVD’s and a signed Hunting Cap. Lancelot quickly separated the DVD’s with the ones he was keeping and the ones he will be giving out at the hospital on September 20th. Is it any wonder how blessed  I feel, that God is giving me a front row seat on Lancelot’s Quest of Heart…