The stage is filled with unique characters aka our family. Everyone is talking, boys are wrestling, babies are crying, children are playing. I listen, but I don’t hear your voice in the crowd. After  four years, I should know your voice will not be there. The tare in my heart begins to bleed and tears come to my eyes. Then I hear you say, “Aunt Nee!”. Does the sound come from my mind , my heart, or a vivid memory? I am not sure. All I know is I feel your love with me. I can go on… Life does go on, at first it was so hard. Your memories filled my thoughts and dreams. But slowly even though I do not understand the whys, Jesus lead me into the days without you here on earth. I watched your Mama and Daddy, they amazed me. They showed me how Jesus gives you the strength you need to carry you through days you do not want to live. Our Hearts were scared when you left this earth, but your love inspires our souls to continue on our Quest of Heart until we meet again.