Lancelot stopping to see the Ants

“Once you accept life is hard it gets easier.” As those words came out of my therapist mouth, I was shocked.

I mean who in the world wants to wake up every morning thinking, that “Life is Hard”.

 Well, here it is some 20 years later, and all I can say is he was so right!

What I did not realize at that time is “Hard” is not defined as bad.

 Yes everyday has some bad moments, but if you stop, and think about it there are far more good moments in a day.

Let’s look at a morning of Lancelot’s younger days:

On this morning, I am in the kitchen getting his meds and breakfast.

Lancelot lets out a scream from the den.

I dash from the kitchen to see Lancelot holding his blood red head in his hands; his lip is jerking up on one side of his face.

I grab him onto my lap. We set like that until it passed. I wiped the tears from his eyes, and ask him if he was ok…

This is my Gorgeous Little superman, so of course he said he was ok. He was already down in the floor playing.

 (Lancelot had undiagnosed TIA’s until he was 5. )

Lancelot took his meds and went to school.  He wanted to go!

This was our normal at the time. Yes he was dragging his right leg some, but the neurologist had told me not to call him unless it lasted longer than 8 hours.

I had learned from Lancelot, to just get through it, then get on with the day.

Our life was Hard but it was not Bad.

If that was me, I would have been at the E.R. getting all kinds of test that day,  I would have been having a “Bad” day, that was very “Hard“.

And for the rest of my life people would hear about that strange episode, and that would be “Hard”for all  those that had to listen to it.

Everyday we have the chance to choose how we look at our life/ our world. If we want to achieve our goals in life we have to work “Hard”.

Yet when we achieve our goals we reap the benefits.

 “Hard” often results in good.

Throughout our every changing lives filled with challenges, pain, and losses we all stumble because it is “Hard”.

 We can choose to get back up, because we have “Hope”. As “Hard” as life is, it is filled with unexpected beauty .

Life can truly become easier when we begin to “Hope to find Beauty in the Hard.”

Strut your Tail feathers!