Lancelot comparing manes with Belgian -draft horse.


Yes, I am late again.  In the past 21 years I have been late, or my plans have had to change a lot.

I guess all parents learn pretty quick, that their time is no longer there own. During the days leading up to September 4, I am hope  to write about some of the things Lancelot has taught me the past 21 years.

Day 1

Kairos means living in God’s time; it is the eternal now; the appointed time in the purpose of God.

 I heard Ravi Zacharias teaching on Kairos, and I knew Lancelot and I were living in God’s time.

Now most would disagree.  After all life is from present to future. (Chronos) My reasoning is Lancelot could die right this second. Death has and will always been a breath away from Lancelot (You and me too, but we do not have physical defects, that should make it impossible to have blood flowing in our bodies). Also in August 1994, Lancelot went to be with Jesus and the animals for several minutes, but after I begged and pleaded, Jesus sent him back to me.

Needless to say, after almost 21 years when someone says lets do that next month or year, I still cringe. I did not ever dream God would bless me with all this time with my son. So many friends, family, and others with CHD have died, but here is my Knight of the Forgotten Hearts of CHD reading about Dairy cows on his computer. Why I do not know. All I know is just like God’s way are not our ways: God’s time is not ours…

I hope in the next 2o days you will get a chance to see how blessed I am to be Lancelot’s Mama