The Freedom
Outdoors and Lancelot

Lancelot meets Mr. Kenny at the 2010 Buck-a-Rama

(D&D Farm)
(C.A. M.O.)

Lancelot Meets Mr.Craig and Mr. Allen at the 2010 Buck-a-Rama

to Freedom Outdoors, D&D Farms, and C.A.M.O. Lancelot Holton went on 2
Dream Hunts. Lancelot loves hunting. His Papa always had hunting dogs, and he
Lancelot would sit for hours watching the dogs. When Lancelot was around two
his Papa started taking him Bobcat and Fox hunting. In 2003 all of this came to
an end when Papa was diagnoised with stage 4 Prostate cancer. In 2006
Lancelot’s hunting buddy and bestfriend, his Papa, went to be with Jesus. Other
male relatives often talked of taking Lancelot hunting, but for some reason or
the other it never worked out.
did not stop Lancelot’s hunting obsession. He watched hunting dvd’s, read the
magazines, and was forever looking it up online. While Lancelot was dreaming of
hunting again, God was working out the details
August of 2010, Lancelot was at the Georgia Special Olymic’s State Horse Show.
In past  years, the State Horse Show was
in November. Lancelot was disappointed, because in previous years the State
draft horse auction was held at the same time,
and in between competions, he loved going to see the draft horses.
as soon as Lancelot got to Perry, he realized that the Buck-a-Rama was being
held on the same weekend. Needless to say he wanted to go bad. I as his mother
had said no. We had just gotten back from seeing one of his doctors in Canada,
and to Wisconsin visiting dairy farms, and we were at the State Horse show,
needless to say our budget was down to nothing.
Saturday after his first competion, I began feeling guilty. I mean what were
the chances that the Buck-a-Rama would be there at the same time. God knew how
much Lancelot loved hunting must be a reason. I told Lancelot we would go, but
he could not get a dvd or book so there was no need to ask…
was thrilled. We had only been to few booths, when Lancelot saw a dvd on Red
Stags laying on the counter. The men told Lancelot that the man from D&D
Farms had given that to him, and he would have to talk to him about Red Stag
walked around another alse, when Lancelot spoted the D&D booth. He went
right over and began asking one question after the other. I explained to Debra,
that we could not afford to go on a hunt, and ask if it would be o.k. if we
just visited the farm one day. She said that would be fine. Dennis stop
answering Lancelot’s questions long enough to tell me about Freedom Outdoors.
He said they may it possible for children like Lancelot to go hunts.
off went in search of Freedom Outdoors. As soon as walked up to the booth a
young lady ask Lancelot if he wanted a T-shirt. I began filling out papers, and
Kenny Gibb walked up an introduced himself. We all talked about hunting and
D& D Farms. Kenny told Lancelot he would work on a hunt at D&D farms.
Lancelot ask him if he had any DVD’s on hunting, and about that time Kim
Costner said she did, so Lancelot ended up with two movies. As we were walking off,
Lancelot said, I like turkey hunting too. Can we go turkey hunting? Kenny said,
he knew another group, C.A.M.O. that took people turkey hunting, and he sent us
in their direction. We had not got to the end of the alse, when Kenny was at
our side again. He took us to meet Craig Walden and the C.A.M.O. team.
Lancelot was having a ball. So many guys to
talk hunting to at one time. I just kinda stood there listening amazed as they
too handed Lancelot a dvd and a shirt. Then they started videoing Lancelot, and
Mr. Alan gave Lancelot one of his hand carved wooden Turkey calls. We thanked
them as we left. I was in greatful fog.
God had made a way for us all to be at the right place at the right
time. I had told Lancelot he could not have a dvd, and he had been given 3
DVDs, 2 shirts, and several other gifts.
God had blessed us, and the blessings were just beginning: The Horse Show
was waiting, fall was around the corner, and Lancelot was getting the chance to
go hunting again.
I set down to wait on Lancelot’s next competition, Kenny Gibbs called me to
assure me that he would be setting up a hunt for Lancelot in September. During
the next few weeks Kenny set up a hunt for Lancelot at D&D farms. He was
kind enough to answer all Lancelot’s questions, and all my concerns. The hunt
could not come quick enough for Lancelot.

Lancelot at D&D Farms

we pulled into D& D farms, Lancelot was so excited, but I was a little
worried that he would go into sensory overload, or he would not see deer he
wanted to see. All my doubts were quickly gone as we were welcomed by Kenny and
Dennis. The fun and adventures began as soon as we arrived Friday afternoon and
did not stop till we left Sunday afternoon.
Within Minutes of our arrival Dennis Smith of
D&D farms took Lancelot on a tour.
and I had a great time. Everyone from the Freedom Outdoors and D& D were so
kind and generous to us. Everything we needed or wanted was provided. The cabin
had a beautiful view of the rolling hills and ponds. Close attention was paid
to accomadate Lancelot’s unusal diet and personality. No detail was over
looked.  After we got home, I interviewed
Lancelot about his Freedom Hunt, and here is what he said.
Lancelot, how did you hear about D&D Farms?
I looked it up on the internet.
Is that the first time you heard of D&D
Then, when did you first hear about it?
At Perry, Gerogia   Buck-A-Rama
So how did you get to go a hunt there, and why
did you want to hunt there?
(Notice he forgets my question all together)
Whitetail, Red stage, and Fallow deer… I saw
I’m going back next year to D&D Farms!
Tell me about your hunt.
It was so much fun! We saw many different kind
of deer, turkies, and all kind of things.
Didn’t we Mama?
So tell me about the people at D&D farms and
how you got to go hunting there? Who made it possible?
Who is Kenny?
Our friend-Freedom hunts
Dennis, Debra, and Justin ( Justin is Dennis and
Debra Smith’s son. He is the manager of D&D Farms)
What did you do at D&D Farms?
We set in the blinds and saw so many deer! It
was so fun!
The Red stag were huge and big.
We set in a golf cart and waited on coyotes, but
we did not see none.
I had fun with everybody!
I am trying to practice with my bow that Justin
loaned me, so I can get a buck next year or a turkey this year!
I love all my hunting clothes!
I’ll shoot a turkey this year, I’ll keep
practicing, I will! Or with a Crossbow!!
Lancelot getting instructions on using a
crossbow from Terry, Dennis and Dan
We made memories to last a lifetime at D&D
farms. Who knows maybe this year Lancelot will get a turkey or a buck!
Debroah kept made delicious meals for us all
weekend long!
Kenny shows Lancelot pictures of
other hunts as Dan looks on.
C.A.M.O. Christ Alive in Men Outdoors
Lancelot and I meet the C.A.M.O. team through Kenny Gibbs of at the 2010 Buck-A-Rama in Perry, Georgia. At the time I had no idea why God was working out this introduction. It was such an unexpected blessing; I was just grateful!
Craig Walden, founder of C.A.M.O., called me in September to arrange Lancelot’s Hunt. I explained Lancelot’s physical and mental conditions. Mr. Walden kindly asked me what had caused Lancelot’s conditions.
I started by saying that Lancelot a rare genic disorder called Williams’ Syndrome. Mr. Walden said, “ Let me stop you right there. I have chill bump! I have a grandson, that has Williams’ Syndrome. On the day we were meeting at the Buck-A-Rama, my daughter and my niece were holding a family fun day for people in the area with disabilities. My daughter, Hope, had wanted to meet someone with Williams Syndrome. She did not many anyone, but I was meeting you and Lancelot!”
Mr. Walden and I both knew at that moment that God planned our meeting. It amazes me, how God orchestrates our lives!
Lancelot how did you meet C.A.M.O.?
At the Perry, Buck-A- Rama
What happened when you meet C.A.M.O.?
I shook hands, hugged, and they said, I could go over there. Mr. Alan gave me turkey calls. And I got a shirt and a C.A.MO. movie.
Where is there?
To their house
What were you going to do at their house?
So when did you go hunting with C.AM.O.?
In October, wasn’t it Mama? (I agreed with Lancelot)
So did you actually stay in their house? And who’s house was it?
Mr. Craig’s house and Mrs. Craig’s house
What happened Friday? When you got there?
I got there, and I saw the bouncy thing. I jumped in it , and had a great time! And I ate some hamburgers Mrs. Craig made me. (Sorry all you guys that cooked/grilled so much wonderful food. Lancelot may not have enjoyed it, but I sure did! Lancelot is just not a big eater.) I practiced crossbow with Mr. Alan and Mr. Craig, and shot targets with the boys. I meet Hailey, Hope, Heather, and Kandace that night.
What happened after you ate supper?
I got gifts from Mr. Craig and the boys.
What kind of gifts?
Hunting gifts
Did you do anything else that night?
We went Coyote Hunting.
How did that go?
Where did you sleep?
On the couch.
Why did you sleep on the couch?
Because I love couches!
Did anyone sleep on the other couch?
Who is Buddy?
My friend!
Did you go right to sleep?
What did you do?
We talked, watched Coyote hunting on t.v., and we got up at 5:30, and went hunting!
Who did you sit in the deer stand with?
Mr. Craig and Mr. Alan
Did y’all have fun?
Yes, laughing fun!! We did not see anything at all except a rabbit. We used a Buck call, rattles, and bleak calls. (Lancelot was laughing, as he is telling me this!)
What did you do next?
We went in the truck to a Percheron farm.
Lancelot, Hope, and Eli petting a mule at Percheron Farm._
We saw all the horses, donkeys, and one big mule. Then we went Noah’s Ark, and saw Whitetail, peafowls, buffalos, bears, lions, tigers, wolves, and lamas. It was too hot there! ( I could not get him to take off one of his three shirts, that he was still wearing since his morning hunt!)
Did you rest after that?
Did you go to sleep?
We went home the next day. Buddy gave me Coyote movies, and he gave me a Rio Grande wild turkey, elk, caribou, and 2 deer fighting , horn pictures. Mr. Craig me a set of antlers.
And what did Hope give you?
A Kiss!
Have you talked to any of them since your hunting trip.
Mr. Craig and Haile
Is there any other way you keep in touch?
I keep calling and calling, and on Facebook.
So what do you think about the C.A.M.O. team?
I love them! I can’t wait to see them again! _