When something grabs Lancelot’s fancy, it becomes a life long obsession!

(Lancelot and his cousin, Megan Nettles. Lancelot loves to hang out with Meagan, her husband Client, and her friends. He loves pretty girls too!)

Lancelot’s Loves:

(Lancelot riding Bogie.)

– His first favorite animal was a Lynx
– His favorite trains are CSX (he still loves Thomas and his friends)
He can tell you the type of engine as they go by… like a GE 20-4
– His favorite cow is a Jersey! He loves anything pertaining to Dairy
farming.  He keeps up with the Hoard’s
Dairyman magazine delivery dates to know when to expect it in the mail! He
checks out the dairies in every issue to see which ones he would like to visit.

(Lancelot discussing Robotic Milking with Dick Waybright at the Mason Dixion Dairy.)

– His favorite horse is Bogie.
Yet he has developed a passion for Draft horses.
– His favorite bird is a Peacock, yet he can tell you about  any species. He cannot have enough bird
– He loves tools and watching “How it’s Made“, and “The Yankee Work
Lancelot has been reading (Lancelot began Reading
at age 3) and researching his whole life.
The majority of his day is spent bouncing on his
ball looking up
Dairy farms, Draft horses, CSX trains, Hunting and
Peacocks on his computer. He always has several Draft Horse Journals and Hoards
Dairyman nearby to use as reference. His next step is to hand me a hand written
note with a phone number, asking me to call them and see if we can go visit
them. He could care less that if it is half way across the country. All I can say is maybe one day  IF GOD LET’S US!