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Coyotes and Friends

 Just a few weeks ago Randy Anderson did not know that he and Lancelot were friends, but Lancelot has been  imagining Coyote hunting with him nightly for years while he watches Mr. Randy’s DVD’s. Lancelot has friends all over the world. He has been reading and researching his passions for almost 21 years now (Lancelot’s DOB  Continue Reading »

In 21 Days Lancelot will be 21- Day 1

  Yes, I am late again.  In the past 21 years I have been late, or my plans have had to change a lot. I guess all parents learn pretty quick, that their time is no longer there own. During the days leading up to September 4, I am hope  to write about some of the things Lancelot  Continue Reading »

The Sound of Sharee

The stage is filled with unique characters aka our family. Everyone is talking, boys are wrestling, babies are crying, children are playing. I listen, but I don’t hear your voice in the crowd. After  four years, I should know your voice will not be there. The tare in my heart begins to bleed and tears come to my  Continue Reading »

God’s in the Details

Everyone has days, that are filled with thoughts of self doubt.  No matter how good your intentions it seems everything you do comes out wrong. It always amazes me when I am feeling this way, that God  sees me drowning in doubt,and he  reassures my Heart! God truly cares about all the little details of our lives.   For example, I have had a headache  Continue Reading »

Words From the Past

“Once you accept life is hard it gets easier.” As those words came out of my therapist mouth, I was shocked. I mean who in the world wants to wake up every morning thinking, that “Life is Hard”.  Well, here it is some 20 years later, and all I can say is he was so right!  Continue Reading »

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