Quest of Heart is a non-profit organization that provides resources and social outlets for children and teenagers in the United States and abroad with chronic and terminal medical problems We are unique, we know that no one’s life is easy. Anyone can  come  to Quest of Heart to  read inspiring stories , or better yet join our forum; we would love for everyone to be a part of our Quest. Life is ever evolving  and so is Quest of Heart. Right now we are beginning with congenital heart and vascular disease, but the heart knows no bounds! We are willing to grow and change as needs arise.
Lancelot and Sharee Holton are the inspiration for Quest of Heart. (Read more about them in their Quest) Lancelot was 18 month’s old, when the Dr. Marvin said he could die at any moment. Sharee had her first open heart surgery at 4 months old. Two Babies, one family, one awesome God equals a unique journey. The joy, triumphs, and sorrows opened are eyes to others going through similar journeys.
We all need our hearts to be healthy, so that we can continue on our Quest to a Happy Heart. Children are born into this world everyday with congenital vascular and heart disease.  They dream and wish for things in life just like you and me. Every day can bring gifts, challenges and death for these young people. Quest of Heart enhance their lives through an extensive social network starting with a blog(s) and forum at our main site. These will then be extended onto other networks such as Facebook and Twitter. We will also do this through planned trips and regional gatherings.
We be visiting hospitals and cardiologist offices to deliver customized hospital and home-bound survivor kits to teenagers and young adults. Inside these kits will be a collection of things we have found to be helpful over my family’s many hospital stays. It will include things like necessity items, activity books, and support information for all family members.
Experience is a great teacher be it our own experience or those of others. By each of us sharing our gifts we help others on their Quest of Heart.

Lancelot’s Summer Quest 2010. Lancelot has been researching Trains, Dairy Farms, Peacocks, Draft Horses and every other animal on the planet his whole life. Thanks to his research he takes me to the most interesting places in the United States. We are blessed to meet the most wonderful people. When Lancelot was little, I never would have dreamed we would have this time together. As long as God let’s us we will continue Lancelot’s Quest!

Work in Progress

We have the site ready to go functionally now, but we are still trying to add all the content in. It will take a little more time to really flesh this site out.
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